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Need a drink? Or a dance~?

Hello~ Im Arthur A Kirkland.
But please call me Angel~
I work here as a stripper~ If you would like a pole or lap dance just ask and don't forget to tip the dancers~
Please don't mind the cat ears and tail, I was born with them~ Meow meow~

M!A: None

Status: lovable

CANON Relationship: Alfred ~*ENGAGED*~

AU Relationship's:
1- Matthew
2- Isla and Art (because thats how I roll thats how I get all the OT3's)
3- Fancis
More relationships on the relationship page!)

((This is a Rp dancer/stripper Arthur blog. Hes the main dancer [the most loved one by the clients] even strait guys want to see him dance! ))

SIDE-NOTE!! Theer are more charecters you can rp with
Jun 25 '13


Another hard day at work, It was erly in the morning and Arthur passed by a little caffee. He went in and orderd Black tea with milk. as usual he was hiding his cat ears and tail, otherwise people would look at him in a strange way.